About Nevyn and this blog

I (Nevyn) am  musician, performance artist, woodsman, energy worker, handyman, farmer and man of many abilities.  I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon (and Seattle, WA for a few years) for the last 15 years thereabouts.  I grew up on 60 acres of forest/farmland midway between Salem and Portland.  Growing up in such a manner made me rather energy sensitive, and so living in urban areas was rather grating.  Too many people shooting their energies everywhere, too many radio/cell/etc waves shooting through the air, too much concrete, etc.  It was incredibly draining.

So I left Portland around 9 months ago, and went back to the farm, to assist and spend time with family before heading off on an island adventure with an unknown end date.

I’m now in Maui, without any solid plans, with very little money, hoping to run across the right farm to live/work at, but taking a bit of time to explore first.  I’ll also be exploring the hiking trails, beaches and jungles of Maui (photos will become a part of the blog as it progresses).

This is a blog about those explorations, and about life changes as my soul is fed with the energies it needs.

5 Responses to About Nevyn and this blog

  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. I’m from Maui. Think I need to get my Maui ‘fix’ taken care of soon.

  2. Yay! Glad you’re enjoying the adventures, and oh yes, you should definitely get your Maui fix taken care of soon, the weather has been great!

  3. Cristiona says:

    Are you still in Maui ?

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