Tourist traps: Liggett’s “World Famous Tree” and DUCKS!

When I travel, I occasionally will stop at roadside attractions/tourist traps; just because.  As I traveled through all of Northern California’s Redwoods, I saw multiple big/giant/humongous tress and 3 or 4 different “world famous drive thru” trees (as advertised).

As I approached Liggett, I was in need of a break.  The advertisements for the “world famous drive thru tree” were everywhere, along with statements seeming to indicate it would be a nice park to spend some time in, cook, etc.

The tree was pitiful (too small for a Vanagon to drive through), the park was mediocre and it wasn’t such a great hangout spot.  But hey, what do you expect from a roadside attraction?

But I had paid my 5 bucks, so I made use of safe place to relax for a bit.

This pond contained many ducks.

And then… the call of the road; time to move on….

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