The Redwoods say no to camping, yes to mining?

My first attempt to pull off the side of the road and sleep in my van was thwarted right after dusk. The ranger told me that even though I had found a spot with no redwoods, I was indeed still in the Redwood National Forest and not allowed to do what I was doing.

I often utilize the law that states anyone can pull over and sleep in their vehicle for up to 8 hours, in the interest of having safe drivers on the road. The Redwoods ranger did not seem to mind that I would be driving through curvy dark forest while half asleep.  He did let me know if I drove 45 minutes back to Hwy 101, I could sleep at a pull .out, so I made my way there.

I awoke in the morning to see a glorious river with car on it, so I resolved to find how to get the Vanagon down there, as the entryway was not apparent.

As I drove around, looking for an access road, I ran across a rock mining operation.  In the heart of Humboldt Redwoods, right next to the river.  So this is kosh, but me pulling over to get a few hours shuteye while on a “Great American Roadtrip” is not?

Eventually I entered a bit of magical forest I felt surely must be the right way.

I was right. The bridge that you see is the Redwood Highway.

So I spent the day there; bathed in the river, hunted for rocks, read books, cooked food and relaxed.


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