Point St George, California

After departing an area dear to my heart; the Applegate/Williams region of Southern Oregon, I made my way south to Crescent City, CA. There is a place to park by the ocean that I always accidentally find when I drive through there; the one time I try to find it, I end up somewhere else: Point St George.

The drive was dark and rainy; I pulled into the parking lot, climbed into the back of my vanagon and went to sleep.  In the foggy wet morning I saw there were no signs prohibiting parking overnight, so I stayed a few days and met a few other travelers.

My favorite was Chad, an old hippy about my dad’s age. He was from the area, living out of his van, but had not been to this safe haven for vehicle dwellers before.  Even my claims of “no worries brah, it’s legit” did not assuage his fear; that the law would come and say he had no right to park and sleep there.  Over my few days there, he kept coming back and we chatted of the changing world.

It was nice to recharge by the ocean, after working hard on a farm for the previous month, but the road again called and off he went…..

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