There is no lacking

Whilst working like a Wonka-ite… to pay for the travels about to come…

I realized how happy I was that, for the last half year at least, I have been acting as if the world is full of all that is needed for everyone.  I have taken my money, connections and energy… and shared it with whom it should be shared. 

At times,  I feared.  That I wouldn’t be able to enact my plans of returning to the islands, with a little bit of cash.  Yet I gave freely.

As the time nears to re-arrive.  I do not find myself lamenting any of the giving I have done.  

I give, because there is no lacking of anything… when we all give.  Financially, energistically, emotionally, et al.  I have many people to thank for helping me to this place.

The circle is feeling very full.  In a good way.

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Nevyn Is You Are Nevyn.
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