The benefits of traveling

One of my favorite things about not having to stay in the same home/city/spot the whole time… 

…is how I get to see so many ways of life, so many belief systems, so many different perspectives… beyond just an individual perspective.  But rather, the vastly differing perspectives on how to live life, as stated by large organisms comprised of humans.

Granted, you can find that in a city, kind of.  But I postulate a subgenre/microgenre/scene, whatever… differs from the overall balance point found from towns that are small enough to have difference, to have individualistic states of being respected… and having all those individuals coming together into an overall state of being.  Where differences exist together.

Whether or not that “granted” has full truth to you, me or all… everywhere I go, I find a different organism existing.  Sometimes just slightly different, sometimes vastly.  And in the same instant, I also find the similarities.  

How the struggle is the same, even if approached differently.

This traveling time is exactly what I had been needing and craving for so long.  6-7 years ago… I had a choice to make.  Would I go from fear or would I go forth boldly, as an adventurer.  In retrospect… what I’m doing now is what I should have done then.  

Fear is the mind killer

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