Southern Oregon Adventures

I’ve been out in the Applegate/Ashland area for near a few weeks now.  The time has been split between a rustic, off the grid cabin wonderland near Applegate and another house right in the heart of Ashland.

The owner of the Applegate property made his own little video, that shows some of what he loves about the property (it seems old, as the crows nest is not on the roof of the house), that you can see here:

I’ve been staying in an art studio, attached to a cabin a couple of friends of mine are staying in.  It’s quite a lovely thing, to be visually surrounded by oils, watercolors, charcoals and more.  An additional layer of loveliness is the art studio being located directly next to Carberry Creek; every night I am lulled to dreamland by the flow of water making its way down the ridge.

I’m in a bit of a “hurry and and wait” (for work) situation at the moment… so focus has been difficult.  Fortunately, there are experiences aplenty to be had.  I’ve wandered the nature areas around where I stay, wandered Ashland/Medford enough to be able to feel confident getting around, mostly…. Gone shooting guns.  Run into multiple friends from Portland who are exactly the kinds that made being in “the city”/Portland, tolerable.  Seems there is a certain mindstate that is attracted to this area.  I’ve cavorted and frolicked with so many deer I can’t even keep count.  Played with, and considered eating, a family of turkeys.  Dug up a hibernating cicada.  Built stone walkways.  Cultivated land.  Learned more about Kirpal Sing (a guru Greeley is very into). Played ukelele.  Gotten to know locals, and be accepted and liked by them.  Checked out some local wineries.  Slept in the back of a truck (multiple times).  Been privy/constantly around to a relationship beginning, that contains eerie similarities to the last big one I had, and gained much interesting perspective.  I’ve taken up knife/spear/WEAPON/etc throwing, along with the other folks at Applegate, and find it quite fun.  I’ve learned a lot about weapons from Lief (the friend who initially brought me out here for work)… guns, knives, types of metals, etc etc etc.  I feel much more informed on such topics now. I’ve been Ecstatic Dancing in Ashland, and plan to do so again.  Jammed ukelele with fellow travelers, and hit that collab sweet spot.  And, of course, much more.

Today was spent meeting a friend who just finished hiking from Portland to here, and being shown the most amazing farm/bakery being that’s well along in its vision (Full Bloom Farms & Rise Up Bakery)… I was given a serious look at some cob/hay bale structures, as well as a delivery/distributed type bakery existing on the farmland.  I’ll give my usual promise of “pictures, when I upload them”… I asked a lot of basic, boring questions, like which of these structures/things happening on the farm is legal/illegal (meaning permits/etc) and why.  “bending the rules”… where it is usually done, how… where not to, etc…. It’s done differently on every farm, but I am seeing a theme here, and will hopefully have the freedom to apply on the land I am forming.  We all know laws come from good intent, but get bastardized in legalese.  Oftentimes the inspectors know this too, and I’m getting a glimmer as to how this all works.

I’d say the best thing about this visit was being reminded of the import of seminars/build parties etc.  The things folks like us do out on the land… are things other people want to get involved in, to learn how to do, to experience… without having to necessarily go full bore in living this sort of life.  They will potentially pay for the experience, and at worst, will come out and worktrade to gain experience.  Many stuctures at Full Bloom were built via this method, and it specifically applies to certain grants I and the family are looking at, that require what you’re doing with the land be something that educates/informs/gets others into healthy/ecosconscious living.  There is no end to where we can utilize this concept, and I am also seeing many grants and such available for folks doing such.

How to open the land to the general community, as well as just the self sustaining community we are building… this, I feel, is going to be key in so many ways.

Currently, I’m trying to stop myself from just driving off to Shasta and a possible work connect an hour or two south of Redding.  There’s some magic here, and I have a lot of people wanting to help me find work.  I think this time the thing to do might be to NOT run off on the next adventure, for a bit.  I am attempting to have faith that the work will happen, here.

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