Art amongst trees… a land near Ashland

After nearly hitting a deer or deer (plural) 3 times, I finally arrived.  The woods west of Jacksonville, Oregon… in the Ashland/Medford/Grants Pass region.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was arriving to; all I knew was that a friend I’d not seen in some time was on the land he had grown up on… that an event was occurring and there was some work to be had (as well as a launching point for further explorations in work that doesn’t suck land).

The land is owned by an artist/art gallery owner (and yes, yet another in the line of … shall we say “folks who have never had to worry about money” sort) by the name of Greeley.  Perhaps I’m spelling that wrong; I’ll have to take a closer look at one of the paintings in the stilted gallery overlooking the river.  A solid old hippy, though again, “of that sort” (I hear that he considers not much at all “art”, and has not much respect for “non art school” art… but that is mere rumor.  I mention to create fact of who this man is, but rather how he has been described.

 In person, he is the most youthful old leprechaun.  Spry, jumping off logs, hanging off limbs over creeks, the true sparkle in his eye.  Precise but flexible.  Focused and affable.  More on him later.

Lief, the friend who got me into this situation, is basically young enough to be my son.  No, really; I met his mom and dad this weekend.  His dad is 38, his mom 42 or somewhere around there.  I’m 35.  He’s almost 23.  I met him when he was 19.  As I told his mom “he’s a good kid”.  What I meant, though.  Was he’s a good human.  I don’t look at age.  I look at how people are.  People old and young have their weaknesses.  Their limitations.  Their lack of… or too much of… experience.

We all have something, eh?  So I am  both the younger, and older.  And equal to, when speaking of years.  It really doesn’t matter.  There are certain frequencies that resonate, and they resonate beyond linear time.

Following arrival…. 3 days of OH MY GOD SO MUCH WORK: wake up, work, try to hang out, nahhh, go to sleep.  Then today, finally enjoying that property (and all the leftovers).

A brief trip to Medford now, for groceries and me to check out the terrain…   and back.  A brief Ashland trip tomorrow… and hopefully some hikes to caves soon….

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