mother. fucker. broken toe.

You may or may not recall that I got rather incapacitated, and infected with a staph like substance, when I bashed my knee open in Maui.  I resolved then to have respect for bacteria.

Apparently, as I prepare to return, I needed a reminder.

Somehow I seem to have broken my toe, as well as received a gash, and it has been rather infected the past week.  I did not respect the bacteria the first few days, and so just threw some neosporin on.

Folks… even the crazy gay doctor from San Francisco, who nearly killed a friend and I as we hitchhiked a ride from them… even that guy said “a simple bar of soap” is all you need.   Vinegar and epsom salt in water soak.  Neosporin if you want.  Wrap it up.  That vinegar is key, when pus is involved, btw.

TMI?  Oh well.  It’s my experience right now.

Ennywhoo, it’s at about 6 days now and I the infection has downed a lot thanks to the soap and vinegar.  I am respecting the bacteria finally.  And also going to the po’ folk clinic Monday, to make sure everything is okay.

I am reminded, in a far friendlier/less aggressive space (the family farm, where I can wash it constantly/soak it/treat it properly, stay off my feet and not be in the bacteria laden jungles of Maui), to respect the bacteria… to be more careful.  And a new lesson.  Pamper the feet, they’re what get you around.

It really sucks, barely being able to walk.

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