Not a synopsis, but a hello here’s what’s up as this moment allows

A long drive from Mendo to a mcmansion in Beaverton.  Whilst there, a yearbook from the highschool Barak Obama went to, while in Oahu, was brought out (the matron of the space was a student there, at that time).  I looked at multiple pictures, said (with my artist, philosopher, skeptic, thinker, AND MORE eyes)… and said “yup, that’s him”.  Had a talk with folks who think he is a clone and said “well,  maybe he is.  but he was at that high school then.  That is a picture of the same person, human or clone that you see on the news now”.  Even took pictures, but then lost the camera that has them.  Sorry.  (I’m actually more sorry. Had that damn thing for years).

Days of reflection and focus on the farm followed.

Moments in Portland brought dancing, old friends and a lovely bday party with an old girlfriend/now friend, and a very solid awesome group of Portlanders.  It also brought reflections of why Portland is SOO not for me in this moment in time.  Or any city, for that matter, to live in.

Family gatherings in Washington followed…. Crockawaddy (meaning: the Common Woods) is our clan, Manley our last name… we hail from Ireland, before that England, and near turn of the first century, France….  That is my fathers side of the family (while the mothers is much more Germanic).  

Meanwhile, our traveling group’s vanagon ride south lies being fixed near astoria… we hope to soon give us a ride south.

Then again, I and others are all considering a multitude of options. 

What happens next?  This week should tell….

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2 Responses to Not a synopsis, but a hello here’s what’s up as this moment allows

  1. sistertreeprophet says:

    What an amazing journey you have had! Your spirit must be both young, and ancient, to have wrought green and living things from the ashes of our earth. Bless your journey, for sharing your inner-space, and for the welcome you have extended to all fellow artists/thinkers.

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