The Lone Walker OR A Krishna Zen Experience

As mentioned in the last post, I was at the Enchanted Forest festival this weekend… and am not a very social party party person.  I entered the weekend with the resolve to be a silence/mute energy holder.  A grounding energy for all the star children, if you will.  (I was born on the cusp of indigo and star children… of Generation X and Y… ie look at one source and they say I’m the former, another and they say I’m the latter.  And I’ve always felt that confusion.  Too young/far behind for Indigo/X… to old/in the past for Star/Y).

Friday, during the day… I began asking for a bit of cloth to utilize as a blindfold, as I wished to dance blindfolded… to experience the energistics minus the visual over stimulation.  To focus on the music, and audio of humans.  To focus on the ENERGY, of all.

I considered which approach I wished to take; being blind and attemping to interact with the humans… or being blind not only visually, but humanistically… and only interact with energy… being it sound energy, human or something else entirely.

I chose the latter.  To be as close to an energy being/receptor as I could be.  

Many people tried interacting.  Girls would try to dance with me; to grab my hand and pull, to slide up against me, to give scalp massages, etc.  Men would ask when the blindfold was coming off… I would simply smile.  People would occasionally put things under my feet, and I would grab the objects with my toes… and move them.   I allowed people to do what they would, but did not respond other than to stay firm in my experience, my location, and my being.

The auditory and energistic sensations were… not overwhelming at all… but rather… interwhelming.  They were intense… and yet perfect.  It was much like floating in a sensory deprivation tank… At first, I danced and experienced energy.  But as things progressed… I became an expression of the energy around me.  Sometimes I chose to sit.  Sometimes to stretch.  Sometimes to dance.  Sometimes to dance like a broken puppet.  Sometimes to practice stepping, to fix a dead spot in my step that occurred from a broken leg years ago.  Sometimes I focused energy felt and sent where it felt it should be.  And much more.

One thought that arose, as the first set ended and second began… where are the hydrators?  I even heard people talking about me (quite frequently, but for this instance, I mean:), wondering if I was drinking water.  Which set me on wondering how long it would take someone to be the hydrator.  The people who ALWAYS run around at festivals/dance events, making sure folks dancing all night are drinking water.  Though I was very very thirsty, I resolved not to ask for, or do anything about water.  I licked my lips and expressed my thirst, as I knew folks were watching.  I hear folks speak of water all around me.  I danced next to a splashing fountain.  In thirst.  How long would it take an alleged community minded group to notice a blind human, unable to get water for themself, and to offer?

It took over 2 sets… so around 2 1/2 hours.  I’m not sure if it was the Krishna Zen Master or not, but I’m guessing it probably was.  This was a test of awareness.  A test of “you say you’re a community all about we are all here together, watching out for each other, being aware, being conscious, etc… so are you?”.  I know for a fact I was noticed, by the same people (by the voices I heard) over the entire time.  Yet only one person, afer 2 1/2 hours ish… hear the call for community.

And that was, quite frankly, the most superficial, superfluous part of the quest I was on.  Words simply cannot impart what I experienced, both in internal understanding, and external.  

Perhaps after further reflection… we shall see.  Or perhaps you will, when you remove one or more of your senses, in a place where we are usually reliant on all them to the extreme (high energy high population social gatherings), and yet are sometimes blinded by utilizing them so deeply.  ’tis your own personal call.

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