We Stink OR Solarrrya gonna heat us?

While someone did get a semi working solar coil setup going for the outdoor shower while I was off in Santa Cruz… it’s only soso, and can’t handle the volume of folks it needs to.  So I’ve had my eye out for supplies to make a batch solar heater.

Whilst at the dump the other day, I noticed what looked like a single pane glass door, and went to take a closer look.  The idea in mind being “we can use that”, for either solar heating, in a structure, solar drying of fruits/veggies, or something else.  Point is, always useful.

There were two, and we were happy!  I then stated, out loud, boy I wish there was a an old water heater here… and then, not thinking there would be, climbed up to look in the dumpster.  Lo and behold, there it lies, the old water heater in good condition, sitting in an easily accessible place. 

We loaded up these lovely items, along with a shelf unit and really nice swivel chair… it’s amazing what people throw away….

I’m working on stripping off the outer tank to get to the inner today and next couple of days… along with also building the floor for the pavilion we’re making.  We even have some decent flooring to put over it once I’m done!

Time to leave electronic land and get to work…

though a shower would be nice to have right now, as WE STINK!

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