Electric OR Reality Flashes

Mid last week, I woke up randomly at 4 in the morning, and decided to walk outside.

As I gazed lazily into the cloudy night sky, my existence suddenly flashed.  FLASH…. flashflash.

I wasn’t quite sure what I had experienced, so resolved to focus and see what happened next.

A minute or so later, the flashes came again.  FLASH.   flashflash. 

I still couldn’t fathom what I was seeing; it didn’t look like lightning, there was no thunder, and the flashes/glows were uniform over the entire sky.  No diffusion or brighter points to suggest where the flashes were coming from.  Complete uniform flashes of light equally covering every bit of cloudcover in the sky.

It felt kind of like flashing in and out of reality. 

Needless to say, I kept watching.  Staring at various points in the sky, walking all around the property, staring at the sky, waiting for the next flashes; constantly attempting to determine what they were/where they came from. 

I continued doing this until around 5am.  The flashes continued… FLASH.  flashflash.  Regularly.  Not less than one minute, not more than two, betwixt each group of flashes.  Always one big flash, then two smaller.  It was a cloudy sky with no stars or moonlight showing through.  The flashes were completely uniform in their shining of light on the clouds.  There was no thunder until around 4:45am, when there were two low rumbles.  The lone bits of thunder the entire time I was awake.

The lights continued flashing with regularity until the sun came up.

I found in the morning that no, I was no hallucinating.  Someone else on the farm had awoken and seen.  And when I spoke to others who were located a couple hours from where I was, they had seen them too.  They spoke of this weird kind of lightning happening out here sometimes, and that no one knew what it was.

Reality flashes…..

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