a rave review

I’ve been staying in a warehouse that is being converted into a hostel/art/community space startup, whilst in construction stage, and sometimes walk a couple blocks away to SOMA Restaurant and Bar to access wifi and get some grub.

I’m not much of a review guy, but when something stands out, I like to trumpet it…. The music they play here is the best!  Super chill, slightly psychedelic, slightly trancey, always hitting just. that. right. vibe.  

Seems to be owned by some Persian/Mediterranean folk, who are just the nicest guys in the world.  Most restaurant workers in San Francisco seem really tired and jaded, and completely like they don’t want to be there, or around you.  These guys are the opposite.  

Food is decent… kinda wants to be hoity toity/upper class, since it is attached to a hotel, but really is only soso.  At the same time… I do love me a nice kabob.

Ennywhoo, for music and super nice, friendly, helpful employees, as well as lots of space and the freedom to sit on the internet for long periods of time… good stuff.

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