Come to Daddy

(the) M(useum) O(f) M(odern) A(rt) in San Fran will be closing for a couple years (for expansion) after this weekend, it seems. So the city, self included, are giving the old building a last hurrah of enjoyment.

Ever seen the video for Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy”? There was a female performance artist named Dia Dear who basically was a female rendition of that pale, bald, crazy faced demon type creature from said video… The room was dark, a lone light shone upon Dia; flickering as she writhed to the emotion of the audio, making it feel as if she were pure human emotion flickering betwixt dimensions.

Following dreamtime, a morning of Ecstatic Dance in Oakland has left this day full of possibilities.

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Nevyn Is You Are Nevyn.
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