Today I met up with Mylo from the Mendocino farm, and am now staying in a warehouse in SOMA SanFran.  It’s a space being turned into a community hub, hostel, artist residency, aquaponics, solar, etc… Ideally it will be a model of sorts for others to learn from.  Meantime it’s a warehouse with some construction going on here and there, and a few mattresses scattered about (yes, there will be pictures!)

Earlier in the day we went to a nonprofit for veterans that has a gallery and lots more (the building is the old public access tv station that recently went kaput) space, audio/video capability, etc etc.  The building was donated by the current leaseholder for 14 months, wow for helper people!  There were folks from all parts of the community there; veterans and non veterans alike.  Folks from the naacp (naacp.org), actors, prison workers, poets, veterans, community workers, and a host of others.  It seems they are going for a fundraising opportunity from Craig (of craigslist fame) himself.  This opportunity gives them and a small group of others space on the craigsconnect site to fundraise.  And in a month, whoever has raised the most gets 35k, 2nd most gets 25k, 3rd most gets 15k.  In other words, a huge opportunity for them to reach their desired goal of reaching more of the community than just veterans. 

The meeting was “interrupted” by an organized, synchronized dancing flash mob practicing for an event later for the public.  They are doing their thing for the freedom of an ex army guy is in jail for being gay in the army, back when it was still illegal, is the gist I got.

We then went to #freespace , which is a space that was granted to be used by everyone, however they want, for a month. Talk from the meeting seemed to indicate they are working to extend the life of freespace beyond that month.  I almost wish I would be in SanFran more  Check out what they’re doing at http://freespace.io/

Might be checking out an “occupy” style planting of plants in a community garden space that is apparently being removed…. courtesy of the fine folks at humanbein.org

It does seem this adventure is giving me everything I’m going to need to work with, what with my future plans of turning family land into a conscious community/farm/incubator for arts/healing/music and more….  Defintely getting as much of the organizing, community building, networking, energy learning etc as farming.  

Which is good, but I do have to say that currently I have quite a hankering to get on the farm and build some things.  And start trying to gather materials for the batch solar heater for the outdoor shower that is currently so BRRRRR…..

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