Santa Cruz, I bid you farewell for this now

Thanks to Rhadiante & Neil (Rhadiante Van De Voorde, btw, does excellent landscaping work, for any in the nocali area looking for skill mixed with passion and love) for being such excellent, friendly, fun, good energy hosts to Rob Reflector Recker and I for around the past week. If one has to be stuck out in suburbia, best to do it with good folks, a good view, and lots of solar powered contraption building talk (as well as mutual idea/passion spurring). And great food!

Neil and I definitely got each other thinking about contraptions to build, and green/renewable ways to do it.  He definitely got me into the concept of batch solar heating for making the outdoor shower in Mendocino not be freezing.  The back and forth on that and all the other contraptions that could be built definitely helped to solidify some directions in my head….

…sometimes it’s nice to just talk shop with other folks who are interested in the kinds of things you are… to explore ideas, affirm concepts, hear new ideas and just ponder together.

One of the best things about traveling about is finding all the amazing people being amazing in their spaces, and getting to know them and such amazing movements.

I think that though my innate sense of being would rather be in the islands, around sun, warmth and water that isn’t freezing… whatever happens in this west coast trip, for however long it lasts… it’s very beneficial.  Both for now movements and long term.  So while it’s not the weather I’d want, exactly… it’s also not bad weather at all.  And there is a lot of good happening here, that can apply to my life.  Guess I’m doing now what I should have done last fall, with my NoCali wandering trek….  Fear was the mindkiller there.  But I’ve been very conscious about it not being so now.

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