To be a social hermit

I feel like the least social traveler I’ve run across.  I do like to be around human energy, and so am not an entire hermit, and I seem to be able to get along in the social world, when I pay enough attention to it… but the constant talktalktalk.. CHATTER, that goes on amongst these more social folks…. is very draining.  It’s gotten to the point where I just let folks go on and on and on, while inserting the proper grunts etc… the “i’m pausing not for communication, not to hear thoughts, but to make sure you’re still listening” sorts of moments.

I enjoy being around people, and feeling that low energy hum.  Interactions, however, I really like only so many of, and find incessant verbiage exchanging to be rather tiresome.  The energy interchange is no longer a hum.

Yet, as a poor traveler, I HAVE to get better at/feel better about talking with people.  You never know who you’ll meet, what situation you’ll get into, how you can help each other, etc.  When you don’t have money, people are your resources… and you theirs, I’ve realized, as I’ve helped many who have talked to me with this or that.

Growing up in a forest, in my land of imagination set me up with a social mentality that is the opposite of how most travelers (but not all, I have run across similar folks, who still are somehow more able to deal with the heavy level of socializing)… though I won’t say opposite to what I need.

All this has become more glaringly apparent as I hang out with many folks who truly need that social talk interaction, with regularity (and recall past such interactions).  I’m thinking there’s a happy medium I can shoot for, rather than simply trying to become them.

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