The tribal movement continues….

Seems this adventure that has led me away from the islands to California is proving very beneficial for long term goals.  Awakenings Tribal Convergence has led to me meeting a host of good folks to know, for what I want to get going on the farmland my family owns in Oregon.  One of whom is trying to network all the positive energy/spiritual/community farms/land on the west coast, as well as other urban farming movements (see… another of whom has land, along with a building he’s turning into a community space, in Mendocino that we and others from the convergence are currently on, and might be on for a bit.

I though I’d be simply learning more of the direct farming aspects, in my time in the islands… leading to learning more about the managerial, ecotourist, etc… but I find myself already learning what works and doesn’t with ecotourism, from the time at Mystic Gardens… learning more about cutting edge free/environmentally friendly energy in Kaua’i, community gathering, tribe building, and great connections in the Redwoods of California, and now in Mendocino a mix of it all.

If we’re not going right back, hmmm… wonder if I can turn it into an Oregon trip before heading back….

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