Seeing the self

I think I’m seeing more where and how I fit in, in the social gatherings that happen in the circles I tend to run in…. 

There was a big closing ceremony at Awaken, with a lot of call and response, a lot of directioning from the “leaders” and so forth,  Seperating the larger group into smaller groups/guilds… all the “team building” sorts of things that are done in everything from corporate events, to spiritual gatherings, to circus mayhem in the park, etc.  All things that are meant to bring together the folks who follow what is being done.  

Then there are the doers.

I left the big closing ceremony, as I’ve never felt as socially into things as the masses of whatever group I was in.  I’ve always been more of a doer, and one who talks not to large amounts of people at gatherings, but deeply with certain people.  I and a few others had done the same… checked it out to see the energy and participate enough, but to draw our own line on when we were done with that energy.  And what did I find but that we were the “doers”… the folks who run the Mystic Gardens festival, a few other organizer types, and Matthew (whom is one of the party of four that left the islands to come here, and is the other pragmatic person – other than myself – of the gorup), who is very much a doer… and really quite a medicine man/shaman… through doing, rather than attempting to broadcast an image.

So we, the quiet doers and healers… who become such through doing and being more than selling/promoting/self proclaiming et al… gathered at a closing ceremony of our own sort.

So… seeing the self… thinking of how I’ve long been one, or one of the ones, making things happen… and never really felt at place trying to be one of those who was more an attendee, more there for the social fix, or whatever it is that would best define how I see a separation between such mentalities (while still also a communion, of course.  we all have our parts to play in this larger organism).

It was good to have that realization… that sure, I’m not like the larger number of people… but I do have my own role to play, one that has existed since long before me… and that I do feel a resonation with that role as those others resonate with theirs.

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