Awaken Tribal Convergence OR looks like I’m flying to California tonight…

It was up in the air as to if we’d be making the tribal convergence in the Redwoods of California tonight, as we initially planned (Kaua’i has been so lovely it’s hard to want to leave), but it seems things have come together to complete that mission.

It will be interesting, as apparently this is a gathering created by many Oregonians, primarily, from many scenes that I have been a part of… It’s been near a year since I was really in any of that… and it’s been a lot of farming, nature enjoying, philosophizing, spiritual growth and so forth in the year since… and I was fairly tired of all that long before leaving it.

All the same, it’s not just another festival, but rather a smaller gathering of the folks wh omake festivals/gatherings/communions/etc happen on the west coast.  So is a good chance to “network”, affect minds, plant seeds, hear other ideas, find potential collabs, etc.  Plus, I get to visit the west coast for a bit, and camp in the Redwoods.

The next part of the adventure continues….

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2 Responses to Awaken Tribal Convergence OR looks like I’m flying to California tonight…

  1. Airplanes like empty seats better than selling them at online prices, and reservation folks are based in the midwest, so can’t reserve slots that are happening in a few hours, due to timezone stuff. ie airports are retarded, and so we fly out today instead.

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