“you won’ believe dis, but dis heah Haole play like real Hawaiian”

And now a positive message. My ukelele playing has been accepted by local Hawaiians. Part of the adventure that included getting my money stolen… also included apparently amazing a few Hawaiians with my ukelele playing “you won believe dis brudda, but I bet you whatevuh dat dis heah Haole plays real Hawaiian music f’realz”. I got dragged around and told to play for all these other locals. Felt a little awkward, as I’m still learning this instrument, and I really am not a showman/performer. But I did it for a bit, before begging off.

It did feel good to have local Hawaiians accepting what I do with the ukelele, as I’m still not playing anything “the way I’m supposed to”… just playing what my soul feels, in whatever style it feels. Heavy fingerpicking usage, though, that I’ve translated over from guitar… and that seems to be what makes the difference.

Every story has a more than one face. And I’m doing my best to focus on the positive faces.

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