It’s starting to feel like nothing can phase me?

Today I petted a semi tame rooster, practiced handstands (and inspired others to do so as well, and got into a bit of acroyoga/flying type of fun) and other such moves, played ukelele and again was very well received (even tried some hardcore blues on the uke, and it does translate!), started feeling like perhaps I’ll feel a bit more okay with busking soon. or now (I’m so not a performer type, internally. but it seems to work externally in many facets, so I guess it’s going to happen more), talked to multiple folks about audio work, one of whom works in the industry in Oahu and gave me some contacts to talk to (seems I probably will have to do Oahu time at some point, for some occasional work at least), got love from some folks monetarily for past music stuff….

…probably some other things, like I got to eat. that was nice.

And I still feel like everything is going to be okay.

Of course, if you do feel like helping making things easier, since all my money just got stolen. You can do so by paypal-ing any amount at all to Seriously ANYthing helps, if you’re up to help.

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