The Bull OR Gaelic Tarot? The magic of the islands.

While at a gathering for the bday of one of the workers of the Resonance Project, I met a cat who had a deck of “mystical” cards.  No, not the usual Tarot deck most folks have… But rather a Gaelic deck of cards… based in druidic lore.  The artwork was fantastic, and very detailed, as were the stories behind.

Synchronicity said it was funny, as well, since I had just been having a conversation with Travis (the physicist who has made this trip possible) where he made the supposition that Scandinavians might have originated from Ireland (I argued, as physical genetics make it much more likely to be from the Nordic countries), due to that being where Druids existed.

The deck of cards, and what they read in me, was further synchronicity… I won’t go into great detail… but it was quite eerie (irie, even!), how just about every topic that came up directly related to a conversation between Travis, Matthew and I the previous night, as we camped on Anini beach.  

The main gist I’m taking from it is… that island magic… where intent and perception truly does create reality… Is something I need to accept with a full and open heart.  I have been, but to a degree, as I still have also focused on how things have occurred in the past.

There wasn’t island magic then.  And perhaps… perhaps it isn’t just island magic.  Perhaps it is everywhere, just stronger here.  

The positive perspective mentality I’d already taken on seems to be moving to the next step.  Rather than just finding positive in whatever situation.  Expecting positive.  Making the positive occur by sheer mentality (or at least, putting myself in situations/positions where such is much more likely to happen, due to my own way of being) Is something I am going to try to train my mind to do with regularity.  

If I can dream it, and feel it… it can be.

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