Adventures in Kaua’i

Almost missed the plane, as we arrived late, and the gent footing the bill for plane tickets and whatnot has a tendency to get distracted.  However, we got there right before the closed the plane up and arrived on Kaua’i on schedule.

The interisland planes are kind of neat, as they fly at a much lower elevation, and also skim along the ocean when near land, in order to give really spectacular views of the land, and of the clouds.  It was a mix of flying to travel, and flying to see the sites.

Kaua’i is quite small, so we ran into some folks from the Resonance Project very quickly, one of whom is working on building a water powered generator.  The Resonance Project itself is quite interesting… it’s the fruition of the life’s work of a man named Nissem, who recently got funding for some very cutting edge/exploratory science work.  All the folks associated with it are working on various free energy/water energy/kinetic energy/etc types of projects, and that’s just things they do in their spare time.  The main projects at the Resonance Project are… something you should look into yourself, as I only barely comprehend some of it (I did have the chance to read some of Nissem’s research paper, and am still digesting.

I also had the opportunity to stay a night in the Kaua’i Beach Hostel, which is where I stayed when last on Kaua’i around 4 years ago.  

This trip has been very interesting… seeing the things I saw back then, in a different situation.  And seeing much more.

I do like how small Kaua’i is, and how much less developed, and less full of parties than Maui is.  It is quite possible that, after a time, I could end up here.  But for now I will be staying on Maui.

I’m left with a car and no responsibilities today, so I believe I will stop this being online, and go back to wandering the island.

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2 Responses to Adventures in Kaua’i

  1. Not really sure how I ended up hanging with physicists/theoretical physicists and the like, but it’s fun.

    And I’ve got to say, both in that realm, and in what I’m seeing as working and not working in farms/communities here… I’m getting pretty inspired for the family land back in Oregon, and what can be done with it….

  2. curiouschickadee says:

    Excellent inspiration …

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