Earth or Air? Why not both?

Funny, really, as there was a conversation earlier today about how my elven way of being is both earth/air grounded/head in the clouds.  And yet my astrological sign is fire.  Hm. Ennywhoo.


I now have to decide if I’m getting flown to Kaua’i and and Cali for a tribal conference for a two week adventure, or potentially pass up a farm manager position in what could become (though would take time) a reasonable living situation here where I could potentially make a few bucks through homesteading, basically.

A position that probably will still be available when I get back, but “might” not.

Kind of feel I’m getting some scare tactic used to make me choose FM over the trip.

But here’s my thing:

I’ve been looking for simple work to make a little cash to get by with, not responsibilities… yet. Because I know that I have an adventure or type of experience that only happens when you are not rooted, that I still need to have, before I can really set roots that deeply.

And then this trip falls into my lap. And then when I tell the owner of the farm about this, I find, yet again, that people value the hell out of what I can do for them here beyond simple labor. And get the farm manager talk. But that won’t pay money soon, and were I to not go on the adventure, I’d still be waiting for the adventure I need to have, and feel listless. That part of this adventure would take me to Kaua’i, which is where the 6ish year segment of life I’m now working on wrapping up had a very significant event… and I can go back as this new me, to see it with fresh eyes….

…it feels like the final closure needed.

So I think my decision is made…. To go on the adventure, if it does choose to pan out, and to hope the opportunity is still here when I get back. I have been told that I still would be guaranteed the position if I just went on the Kaua’i part of the trip… so maybe I’ll see if that is doable, but am not sure.

I’m going to ponder/allow fate to have happen what does. With my semi leaning towards adventure giving a slight nudge there, but overall just allowing fate to go as it will.

One thing I am getting shown is that on this island, I am a valuable commodity. Old enough to be mature, young enough to be physical, knowledgeable enough to know how to do some things, and enough to know to learn in other times.

And one thing I’ve always known is don’t make choices from fear, even if I haven’t always listened.

I think this trip is about listening to intuition, and definitely not making choices from fear.

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4 Responses to Earth or Air? Why not both?

  1. and of course, this trip, the conference and the Resonance Project in Kaua’i, both offer potential for other opportunities. I don’t know that I’ve seen enough to say “yes I will post up here for a year or more”, at this point. And as I told the owner, “I still need an adventure, before I can post roots and really feel like I can commit to planting these roots”.

  2. If I was making choices from fear, I wouldn’t be here on Maui now. So. Fate. It’s your call. I’m flowing with your winds.

  3. And I suppose I should have expected it, but I’m seeing a few folks I know (ish) from the northwest running workshops at this conference. Really not surprised, since conferences like these are, in my eyes, the next (financial) step up from festivals. All the same stuff, just smaller scale, with focus slightly more on networking, to draw bigger purses. I’m not much of a festie kid… I know that after last few years of hitting more up than I wished to… but I do have skills and knowledge that they perhaps desire.

    Seeing such faces there both makes me feel I should be there, and shouldn’t. But again, fate. I’ll see if just Kaua’i is possible, and if not, then not. What will be will be.

  4. curiouschickadee says:


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