The business side of things

The first thing I’m finding is what basically everyone has warned me to be on top of from the getgo, and that’s the attempt to try to get more hours from workers than agreed.  Yes, this is a lovely place, and it feels good to contribute to it… but it’s your place.  We’re not making money here, we have lives/healing times/personal growth times, we have aspirations of our own; we need time for these things.  So I’ve been pretty firm about “15 hours a week”, though I did give an hourish more probably.  I’ve had to be, since there’s simply always something to do.

On the other side of the spectrum, last night I got to experience the problems an owner of an ecotourist/spiritual retreat type of place can run into…

There was a girl here who seemed a typical office worker Burner type… ie the type drawn to the party aspect of spirituality these days, and who professes great yearning to experience such, yet fears the time alone needed to attain such.  She seemed rather shifty, and opportunistic.  As she was packing to leave (to a big party, of course, as well as to leave the room she was renting here), the owner came out to ask for 100$ dollars still owed for the room rental.  

Granted, she could have come forth in a different way, one that might *possibly* have equaled guilting the girl (had she capacity for such) into paying up later, but from my perception of the renter, and from the conversation that ensued, that possibility seemed small.  Essentially she went through how she didn’t have the money (then why did you say you could pay it?), then could she come back and do worktrade (that wasn’t the deal, perhaps you should have brought that up before you tried to rush out?), then that she would refer people and that alone should be worth the money (refer more manipulators like you? who don’t pay?  doesn’t sound worth that much to me), THEN she went on the attack and tried to complain about the room, then the dude trying to bone her started adding his two cents (excuse me? what do you have to do with this?  notice how all of us are staying out of it?  because it’s not our business?)… and oy. 

It’s clear the girl had no intention of paying, and shifted effortlessly from excuse to excuse… 

If I had been the decision maker there, I would never have fronted a personality type like that… but what’s done is done.  The universal movements of karma will always come calling….

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