So tired, but in a good way

I spent the day today hanging out at the beach with Adrian Avocado (throat singer, musician, healer, kundalini yoga expert, sacred geometry fiend…. good guy) and Barbara (a housewife on a mission of rejuvination).  We met up with a friend of Adrian’s who has a 2 1/2 year old little girl, and I decided to give her a break, by playing with Jade, her child, in the ocean.  Kids are a recharging spirit for sure.  

Then worked weeding, watering and picking papayas for a few hours.  Quite a fulfilling day.

Actually, I feel better about today (other than my knee, which is quite sore today) than any day yet.  I’ve been feeling rather disconnected since getting here.  There are all good people here, but they are all older,’ and very into a specific way of being that only resonates so much with me.  It’s good, in that I specifically came here with the idea of “Okay, I had to be the teacher at the last place, and that is not what I wanted right now.  I’m coming here to hopefully learn what I can”.  I think getting out of the space/large prevalence of one way of thinking, such as a spiritual yoga retreat kind of farm has, and mixing it up with the rest of the world a bit broadened the spectrum of how we could interact. 

While I went to work afterwards, the other folks went to have some kind of sacred geometry/magnetic cleansing.  Think I’ll check it out next time, but I did want to make sure the plants got cared for, as they have been very thirsty during this dry/windy weather.

And now my knee needs some rest.  Think I’ll make a heated comfrey wrap tomorrow morning, and perhaps lay naked in a hammock, before getting to the day’s work.

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