Donald is in the Guinness Book of World Records for “most surfboards”

While hitchhiking a week or two back, I was picked up by an older guy who invited me back to his place, since it was right off the Hana Highway.  As we arrived, his wife and daughter emerged riding two beautiful horses.  Upon entering the few acre property, one is presented with dozens of surfboards as a fence.  And that is just a small amount of the surfboards he has; he had another two sheds filled to the brim with them.  Because yes, Donald is the Guinness Book of World Records record holder for having the most surfboards.  Apparently he’s so well known for this that folks will just drop surfboards off, to add to his collection.

He gave me a breakdown on what his farm makes from what, and I was quite astounded at what his few acres garnered him.  We sampled the Beetle nut (allegedly a very highly addictive nut that makes you feel rather warm inside, and a bit amped), and I pointed out what I thought was a Khat tree, but thought couldn’t be, since I believe the US made Khat illegal 10 years ago or so.  It was.  Turns out he hadn’t heard that.  Chop chop.

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