The Gay Tourists

Jake really wanted me to blog this, SOOO

As we waited at Twin Falls (last real hitching spot before Hana) for a ride that seemed would never come, a first occurred.  Tourists picked us up!  Usually they just drive by and fear making eye contact.

Then I realized perhaps why…. a gay couple from SF (sugar daddy doctor and young boytoy) are on a drive to Hana, and see me shirtless & tan, and Jake being skinny and young…

Oh the wet dream we must have appeared as; two young men standing by the side of the road.

But they were nice, though the doctor nearly killed us a few times with his far crazier than local folk driving.  Even got some advice on my knee.  

Hitchhiking is great.  Loads of adventures.  Always neat or at least nice people.  And rides pick you up FAR more frequently than on the mainland.

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