Mystic Gardens

Just getting settled into the new space today, and have already done my first day of work.

Over the last couple of days I moved from Ben Bird’s “farm” in Hana, which was a lovely piece of land with not much going on farm wise, to Mystic Gardens in Haiku.  My friend Dave from Oregon had ended up here, so I thought I’d check it out, as it was another on my list of farms to check out.  Also, Ben’s land was very intense, dreamwise.  So I brought the rest of my stuff out today and am getting settled.  Sounds like they’re even going to give Jake a try, and I’m sure he’ll do well.

Mystic Gardens is a spiritual retreat center, in a way, and a small scale farm in another.  Lots of fruit trees and plants… everywhere, really.  All planned out very nicely, so that maintaining it all and doing handyman projects is what will occupy most of our time.  There’s yoga most mornings, a few creative spiritual types doing there thing, sometimes just folks staying in one of the huts for weeks or months.

I’ve never been as into sacred geometry as many of my Burner/urban hippie type friends… it’s interesting, and has validity in some ways, but to me it’s just another one of the many belief systems and ways of life that I study, and learn about, but don’t become a disciple of.  I create my own belief system, and it stems from all the belief systems I run across, mixed with what my energy does with them.

aka, no I’m not into hollow earth or hollow moon etc, other than as one of the many belief systems that people across the world utilize to see the same thing.  For we’re all seeing the same thing, as far as concepts of god/gods/goddesses/dieties/oneness/the light/etc… it’s just it often gets distorted, when one takes a hardline “this is how it is” approach on reality.  In my opinion, of course.

And, as usual… when it rains it pours.  The ride I got from Twin Falls to Hana yesterday ended up being a guy who caretakes for the owner of one of the big floral gardens around here, and he was rather impressed by our 2 hour conversation in the car, and had spoken of an opportunity on that floral farm.  AND my sister tells me of a catamaran being built in Kaua’i for pay…. I won’t just jump ship for another worktrade situation, without spending some time here… but for pay?  I really need some money, so I might just stick here a week or two, then if I’m accepted, head to Kaua’i, make some money, then come back.  I would like to put some good work in first, for a week or two, even in that scenario, and possibly come back.

So… in a good space now.. can actually check my email at home without having to go pay some establishment to use their wifi…. should be a lot easier to find situations and people, and generally make this island more home.

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