whoops, here’s what I posted a few days ago…. in a hurry updates sometimes have me post to the wrong blog

Wow, what a week.   It started with meeting my friend at the airport, an awesome gentleman I got to know, oddly enough, back near the hometown/homefarm… back in Canby, Oregon, as the neighbor of a friend of mine I’ve known since I was 5.  He’s older, 51, and yet life seems to have led us to similar points; I’m happy to say I inspired him to get out here.  And that he did. We were going to rent a car to get back to the Hana space, but that didn’t work out.  Hitchhiking is always harder when it’s 2 people and one of them isn’t a cute girl, so luck was not occurring in getting back. At that point, I decided we needed to separate our travels, and give destiny a chance.  Especially since he had not seen other than a hotel in Wailuku and the bus to Haiku (I cannot tell you how much the first couple weeks of wandering helped me understand Maui more as a whole).  So it seemed that he was still hanging on to my adventure, and really needed to take off on his own (one that could still find us meeting up, of course). I am very happy to say that he found an absolutely ideal situation… that seems prime to give him the healing he needs.  I knew if he just embarked off, and let his energy find what it would, that it would give him something he would be happy to find.  And am sooo happy he found it that very day.  Something told me where I was going was too rough for him, and I really wanted him to give it a go on his own, as when you remove comfort, you begin learning in serious manners, and at that point he’d been relying on me for all information.

After parting ways, I began to try my first hitchhiking sojourn, since I had found out the “spots” one is supposed to wait…. since if you’re not in them, lots of people sit there and get rides while you watch them get rides and don’t get one.   It was totally golden.  Got picked up by a bunch of hippie farmers, some of whom knew Ben Bird’s place (where I was staying).  I ended up getting to the drive for Ulaino right as the sun set.  Which meant 2.5 more miles in land I didn’t know. I was darkwalking, meaning with no light.  By choice; I had left one flashlight in my back, just didn’t want it.  So I went too far.  Ended up walking a half mile/mile too far, and dead ending on a rocky beach.  Then decided to turn the flashlight on, and found my way to the actual space.  Crawled into my tent (which I had set up the first day I’d been there) and slept deeply. Speaking of sleeping: this land I am on is INTENSE.  It is an ancient burial grounds, as well as right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean (and I can walk down a trail to the ocean), with boars surrounding in the jungle and STRONG energies everywhere.  My dreams have been, all but 1 or 2 nights… extremely intense, and not nice in some cases.  Night before last I had the type of dream I rarely have: a horror/thriller (think hitchhiker, or resident evil or whatever) sort of setup.  Bear in mind, I NEVER watch those kinds of movies.  Never.  I hate them, they are only designed to create a sick sick feeling that I think has no relevance in life.  Monsters (boar eyes glowing from the jungle) and intense dreams were mentioned as a possible side effect of living there. That being said, we all know I love intensity, so even when it is veering into bad places, I am not sorry for it.  It only teaches and makes one think/question. My campsite (I’ll post pics after this) is right on the cliffs, and the sunrise is something I begin feeling in the middle of the night… I’m usually up before the sun has even thought of cresting.  And I relish breathing and moving through the time until it has come to being, when I then venture to the common space to say hello to folks and be semi social.

The farm: it’s not a farm, yet.  It’s very chaotic, as the owner hasn’t been there for a few months, and keeps saying he’s going to be back in x days, and then isn’t.  There’s a local neighbor who lends truck/we drive around… but other than that it was me and two guys who came in same day as me, and Annie who had only been there a couple months and had only seen Ben a few days or so.  So it’s hard to make projects happen, as there is no authority to kick the lazier folks into gear (other than positive “look at me do this, it’s fun and beneficial yah?  you should join!), and even more so as we don’t know what he wants done… so I don’t want to get hugely involved in a project and find it not how he wants.  So I’ve contented myself with picking up organic refuse around the place, planting some gardens and enjoying life.  Jacob, an 18 year old from Spokane who is pretty rad, has totally joined in on every occasion.  I was thinking he seemed like many friends I had, but then I realized his age and mine, and realized…  “oh shit, I could be his dad”  Just barely mind you, and at a young age, but physically, I could have. So Jake and I got started right… clearing away dead refuse/weeding etc.  Even setting up a hammock for our very awesome, but kinda “not a community cleaner/though is feeder” fellow campmate.  Unfortunately I fell and split my knee open, and contracted nasty bacterias that caused my knee to swell and become immovable.  Cut it right to the bone (oh THAT is what my kneecap looks like!).  Not just a cut, but a chunk out of my knee, as well as a gash alongside it.  Lava rock sucks, when it’s just everywhere (I’ve been working on moving such to proper spaces).

The rest of the week consisted of tepid treks to fruitstands, banana huts, bluegrass music shows, taro festival gatherings and enjoying solace on the farm.  Playing ukelele, throat growling, chasing chickens, playing with dogs, testing out fishing gear, moving the body, getting to know campmates and other such fun.

Most of which while being unable to bend my knee.

I’m hanging out with a bunch of folks I met, while at farm, and before.  And so the end.

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