Quick CURRENT recap….

The recap I just posted earlier today was actually from some days ago, whenever it was I was last in civilization for a blip.  So this one is the last some odd days recap.

How many days has it even been?  Oy.  Time is just flowing, away from technology and instant access.  Definitely feels more real.  Or what I’d prefer reality to be.  Since time is so inconstant, in my head, I’ll just start talking about some things I remember doing.  In no particular order.  Huzzah for this blog being more note to self stream of consciousness over “hallew pardner. I bring yew strate tawk wit’ conshus in tent”

Kavika is a one legged 18 year old Hawaiian I met on Paia beach the day I moved out to Hana.  I didn’t know it on the beach, but he used to work on the farm I’m at.  He came back and has been staying with us sometimes in the last week.  Ennywhoo, he told us about a full moon party/auntie nani celebration happening that evening, and it sounded fun.  We actually had gotten the old truck on the property running, and were considering trying to town for gas… but then randomness said the landlord and his 3 friends would show up.

Show up to shoot guns and eat beef, drink drinks and smoke herb.  So we did that.  These guys are the kind who paved the way for us coming now.  Been here 15-40 years, depending.  Coconuts were shot off trees.

Then Dire, a firefighter and former Coloradian, was feeling up for something different, and decided to drive us all to the full moon party (good.  the truck was an iffy proposition).  A 58 year old cool (though definitely redneck) guy driving 4 folks to an electronic music celebration on the beach.  And he stuck it out til 2 or 3 am!

The next day (oh shit, guess I have some sequential movements) consisted of Kavika constantly saying we’d have a ride back any time and never getting one.  Around 5:30 am, I’m guessing, Jake and I decided to head homeward.  The only ride found was going upcountry… aka up the mountain, the opposite direction from where we lived.  But hey, adventure is fun right?

The sunrise, as we drove away from where she rises, was … magnificent, to say the least.  You will just have to see.  I will be uploading some photos I took as we drove away, from the back of the truck) when I’m more settled.  We ended up being left in makawao, a CRAZY blend of old west and 50’s suburbia that I had no IDEA existed (I knew Makawao, but had not imagined could be so visually amusing), and still had to catch a ride 6 or 7 miles to Hana Highway, then to Hana.  We knew it would be a long day.  

It took an hour to get out of there, but a german hippy gal was kind to us and got us down to Paia.  Then it was the usual shortrides, to haiku community center, to twin falls, to hana.  The first ride were locals, and we didn’t talk much… standard transport/being helpful hitchhiking.  The second was something else altogether….

Dylan was the kind of energy I am glad to have run across.  Turns out he was on a mission, one that we could all learn a lesson from.  He had bought a trashcan, that he was going to take to Kanaha beach.  Why, you ask?  

He’d gone back after not being there for some time, and found the place littered with trash.  So he thought if he went out, bought a trash can, cleaned up the trash, left the can for future use, and stopped by every week or possibly less…. maybe so much trash wouldn’t be on the beach.  

That was to happen in the opposite direction we needed to go.  But he stopped to give us a ride anyway, just because it seemed like he should, and then to go deliver that can he had bought, and leave it, and follow up in the future.

He still laments that he’s a consumer and part of the problem… but goddamn if he isn’t doing more than the vast majority of people on the planet.  

Lots more to say, but I feel today my verbality is not there…. I’m a bit overwhelmed by technology, issues I’ve had to deal with in that arena (my things stack up, and the legal situation is taking a sudden weird weird turn of no fun).  And man.  That aforementioned story of Dylan?  I think that’s a good thought to end on.  Let the thought continue flowing in the internals…..

…one love.

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