I’m getting a scooter. When I can.

Scooters are the way to go here.  50cc and under, and you don’t need insurance/registration/etc.  And out in Hana, having a ride is a very good idea.  Sure 50cc doesn’t have much oopmph, so I’ll be slow, but it’s better than nothing.   

Once I start making money, I should be able to save it up fairly quickly, since I’ve been getting used to living so frugally again, and scooters only cost 4-7 hundred ish, on average for something not fancy.  And are obviously friendly with gas usage.  So this is all very realistic.  Who knows, if money income is better than the small amount I’m expecting, I may even be able to get a real scooter, and be able to afford the very cheap scooter insurance.  Or shit… out in Hana?  Might just drive without insurance, since if I get hit I’m dead anyway.  The chances of getting in an accident and being alive to owe money is very slim, out in Hana.  

Funny, actually, as last time I was here with the ex and a couple friends, one of them got carsick and caused us to have to turn back, due to me driving in a manner that is… exactly how everyone out here drives.  Move with the vehicle folks.  Lean into it.  There are a shit ton of curves and if you drive like a pussy, it’s going to take you 4 hours instead of 2, to get from Hana to the other side.

So that was just a bit of past validation.  I’ve been feeling a lot of that.

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1 Response to I’m getting a scooter. When I can.

  1. If you want a limo/tourist ride, go buy one. I feel more at home than I’ve felt in a long time, both in Maui… and WAY moreso, out in Hana. It’s like where I grew up, but with actual community.

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