by the way, thanks for reading. wasn’t expecting anyone to.

I made this blog primarily for family/friends to know I’m alive and well, and to be able to follow my adventures… perhaps even live vicariously through in small ways.  I also consider this “notes”… as I have a couple book projects I want to work on while out here… and, when thinking ahead (something I’ve never been very good at, but am getting much better at)… I can easily see this becoming notes for a book.  Or two.  Perhaps a fiction and a nonfiction.

But I’ve been noticing lots of folks I’ve never met before reading, and that’s pretty cool.  100 likes today (most of which are not folks I know), and I’m not trying to get anyone to read it, and it’s not been around that long yet.

btw I did take pictures of the farm, and many pictures on the Road to Hana while sitting in the back of the truck on the way back to “the other side” today… forgot the cord to upload to the computer though, so you’ll have to wait. 😉

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