The trickle of opportunity is increasing OR when it rains it pours

After a week of nada, now I find myself with two possibilities for a place to lay my face.  One, as mentioned in the last post, may or may not pan out, but sounds ideal.

The other one I just found out about, and is courtesy a friend  of a good friend from high school.  I really don’t know anything about it at all… just that this friend of a friend said he’s going to give me a call today, and needs someone asap.  I don’t know if it’s a farm or what, where it is, or anything about it.  So hopefully he’ll call me sooner rather than later.

Wouldn’t it be a pickle, if they were both what I wanted, AND both wanted me?  Having to decide between options is not something I thought I’d have to do.  But who knows, I may not have to.  It’s entirely possible both could not pan out, at this point.

So I’ll just keep trekking, and see what happens.

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