Conundrums, quandaries and after a dearth of nothing, now too much. It’s POURING!

It turns out that the space the friend of a friend referred me to was actually one I had found last night in my searches, and had earmarked as in my top 3 (from last night’s search) to email when I had the time and focus (such as now) to craft an email that would hopefully make me stand out.

So I contacted and, while waiting to catch the bus, then walk and/or hitchike 4-5 miles to the other amazing space with all the animals, I got the call that the Hana farm wanted me.

Remember how I said I wasn’t really prepared to have to choose?  Oy.  Conundrum.  Big big conundrum.

So here’s what I had to think about:

the Animal Farm seems like a very good long term place, IF I was to be chosen.  I was told they had 2 other people who they considered very good candidates.  Main drawback being I would be the only worker there… but again, with so many animals, that isn’t necessarily bad.  At the same time… I’m new here, and I’d really like to make a small number of good friends.  Remember, as much as I love my parent’s property, I know how starved for peer interaction I get out there, which is a big part of why I’m working farms here in Maui, not there (the winters being the other… but winters with peer interaction ,ie if we ever got a worker community going out there… are much easier to handle)  ((sidenote, cough cough. mom/dad.  hear that?))

The Hana farm, while they are desperate for workers right at this moment, usually has a handful of them, and is obviously a place with a strong peer worker network, that spends a lot of time cultivating community amongst those who are there.  Hana being out in the middle nowhere as it is… that’s kind of important.  The owner of the farm is also someone closer to my age/background, which might be good, or could be bad I suppose… but I think it should work out well.  The Hana farm is also… in Hana.  Short walk to the red sands beach (allegedly one of the most gorgeous out here, though I’ve not been yet), surrounded by true jungle.  Easy access to forest/fishing/etc.  It is possible that the social nature of the place might prove to be too much for me… (I figure if so I can always head out to nature, or into my tent), but at the least it should be good for meeting some folks, even should I not end up there long term.

Both farms are actually ones that were very high on my list, even while being completely different.  But only one said “you have it, as soon as you want”… so.  I had to go for that one.  I don’t know if it was the right choice or not.  But we’ll find out.  I did make sure to immediately call the Animal Farm to let them know what was happening (and then seemed to find that even though they told me they had two other good options already, and no decisions were made… apparently they really wanted me and the meeting may have just been a formality, but it was not presented to me that way initially), as I do see myself moving to another farm at some point.  I also made sure to, upon gaining internet access again, send them a detailed email explaining the situation, and set up a time to still come meet with them/see the space, with the understanding that if in the future our schedule openings matched up, I very much wanted to be there).  The lady there is really sweet and nice.  She really reminds me of my mom (who, as I told the Animal farm lady, is a caring, giving, amazing and wonderful human being.  ahem. cough. mom, hope you read that)

So… that’s what’s happening there.  But oh, didn’t I say when it rains it pours?

While at the bus mall I got another call.. this one from a yurt to rent very cheaply that I had been looking at if I could not find a farm asap.  

btw, it’s still pouring:

After arriving in Paia to have internet access, I found I had been replied back to by yet another one of my top choices.  This one being a very spiritual retreat sort of place.  So now, though obviously I’m going to have to turn it down, I must craft yet another “unfortunately I have already committed elsewhere, but I would like to be though of for future movements” email.

Nothing for so long, and then boom.  3 of my top choices, all completely different styles of places, all choosing to get ahold of me at once.  I guess there could be worse problems eh? 😉  At the least, if I handle this right, any future movements should happen with ease.

It feels really good to finally be seeing some payoff from all this effort (though my neck and shoulder are screaming at me to get the fuck off the computer, I must record what has happened first).

My next immediate issue, once settled, is to focus on finding ways to bring in some income; doesn’t need to be a lot, but man it has cost more here than I was expecting, my resources are dwindling quickly, and I need to find ways that I can earn cash.  As time goes on, I need less and less cash to exist (not having a home base has  been a big reason for money going down so quickly. having to buy premade meals/not being able to cook. having to buy something in an establishment in order to use the internet. etc.  Well, that combined with all the initial expenses of getting set up here), so feel pretty good that I’m going to be able to find a way to make what I need.  I’m not sure how yet, could be anything from finding paid work on the myriad of farms out there, could be busking, could be crafting, could be me finally getting my music website back up, and having albums for sale – for the last few years I haven’t given my fans that option, and have only gotten money from them when they are kind enough to directly send it to me. Which surprisingly enough, happens occasionally.

But just like finding a farm, I know I can do it, if I just have enough time.

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