PICTURES: A few people I’ve met

I don’t snap many pics of people, but I happened to do so at Yoga on the Beach the other day.  Not everyone, just the few of us hanging out afterwards.

I’ve mentioned running into Igal at the hostel, the raw foods/yoga gathering, yoga on the beach and also just out and about, he’s the darker gentlemen in the pictures.  I can’t recall his Swiss friend’s name, but I’ve enjoyed chatting with him as well, and he was very enthusiastic about practicing the handstands.  The girl in the pictures is Brett, who was our yoga instructor, and whom I met on the beach the night before.  She’s a fellow Leo and it’s kind of disgusting how similar we are, in a funny way.  All really good people, and it sounds like we’ll go on some hikes in the not too distant future.

Also included is the requisite “no one nowhere” shadow style photo of myself (for those not aware, Nevyn means No One in an obscure elven language that only exists in a book series by Katherine Kerr.  Nowhere is the second part of my pseudonym)

The fruit in the pictures had just been cut off tall palm trees in the park, so we cut them open and drank the water.

Can't remember the Swiss gents name! But all awesome people!

Can’t remember the Swiss gents name! But all awesome people!

DSCF8505-400 DSCF8508-400 DSCF8509-400

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