I’ll throw this out every now and again….

Being that I am wandering/traveling/trying to start a new life in a new place with very very little, and having just noticed that apparently folks are reading this… meaning folks I don’t know even, I thought I’d mention that if anyone enjoys reading this and wants to assist with my adventures/relocation, it would be splendid to receive gifts of any amount (I’m living off of very very little, ie spending very little, so seriously ANYTHING helps) from anyone who feels so inclined on my paypal account (you can send paypal “gifts” to nevynnowhere@gmail.com via paypal, and I have a paypal credit card so that I can actually access it!).

I’ll shoot this out every now and again, with no expectations.  

ALTERNATIVELY: Maybe I can do something for you in exchange?  Do you want a picture from somewhere?  Do you want your name carved in a tree?  Do you want me to record some nature sounds for you?  Something else?  You name it!  I’m happy to offer whatever I can!

I’m not near desperation yet, but I am looking ahead and not wanting to get near desperation if it can be helped.

About sadmusicforhappyhumans

Nevyn Is You Are Nevyn.
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