Cost of living

Up until now, I’ve spent the entirety of my time on the North Shore of Maui… whether it was the hostel in Wailuku, errands in Kahului  or getting to know people/spending a lot of time in Paia/Haiku.

On the north shore… things were more expensive than the mainland, but not in the HUGE manner I’d been hearing (other than cigarettes, which fortunately I am not in the market for).

Now that I’m on the south shore, smack in the middle of tourist town… HOLY COW BATMAN!!!

Now I get why tourists say Maui is so expensive.  Perhaps if I get away from the shore and get to the markets the locals use it will be better but yah… HUGE tourist tax here on EVERYTHING.  Food costs about twice as much as the mainland here, which is NOT what I was finding on the North Shore.

Also, on the way here from North Shore, I ended up getting off the bus WAY too early (about 4–5 miles early, thanks bus driver for telling me it was my stop… ), and so walked a mile and a half or so before making a call to the family (no smart phone here) to see just how far Kihei was from where I was.  It was about 3-3.5 miles still, after my walk.  While on my walk, I paid attention to my surroundings, and saw virtually nothing but condos/resorts/rental units, both on beach side and not.

Makes me wonder… Hey locals (the term “hawaiian” only means something to those not from The Islands, I have found)… why did you sell your property to them?  I mean sure, you probably made good money… but don’t you love your home?  How could you let them do this?

Yet another instance of individual gain trumping collective well being.

If I was local, I would never sell my property to someone who wasn’t going to live there at least 75% of the time.  And quite frankly, I’m very surprised it isn’t state law.

Oprah, Steven Tyler, etc etc etc… you can all kiss my ass.

Or, I can find out where your property is, and go illegally camp there, and feel not just okay, but very good, about doing so.

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