I am Nevyn, and my word is Kindness.

What a difference a day can make.

The daytime conversations with folks seemed to be all about fear, starting with when I shared that I had spent the night in the cane fields. 

“No one around to hear you scream.” “Some people enjoy terrorizing, hunting. people.” “If they have ganja growing out there, you’re dead” “the dogs will sniff you out” etc etc so forth and beyond.

All the people saying such things seemed… to have a certain energy about themselves. They look around and all they see is fear, and negative energy. So they receive negative energy, and sometimes even reasons to fear.

I’m not saying throw caution to the wind entirely… I know trails and tracking, and I knew that no one had been where I was for a couple months at least. And … again, energy matters. What you give is what you get. When you act sketchy, and fear everything, it changes how those around you perceive you, and what their energy is towards you.

That being said. After a daytime of “what kind of hell is this” conversations… came bliss.

I finally made it up to Haiku to visit a friend at the Temple of Peace… what a place of peace. Both Haiku and the Temple. I knew from hearing things that Haiku was likely to be a place for me (hopefully I can get ahold of that guy with the space to put your tent for rent today!), and it is. After meeting up we headed to a vegan/raw foods/yoga/music gathering not far away, which was….

pure bliss.

Such good people, AMAZING food, lots of music, and trading of instrument playing betwixt us all. During times without instruments I and others would clap and make rhythmic noise however we could, along with humming, singing, throat growling etc. We were also fortunate enough to have a lovely couple who brought their adorable child along; I really feel that children add so much to any gathering of adults. Perhaps reminding them to bring the inner child out. A very refreshing part of it all was that there were no intoxicants other than human energy.

Oddly enough, I ran into a worker from the Rainbow Surf Hostel, and another of the lads there who is on a yoga/windsurfing trek. Or not oddly enough, actually. I’ve been running into folks in different towns with regularity. There was even a woman from the first hostel in Wailuku there… who, as she said, was just “following the music”.

After supping, and before the music, we all stood in a circle, introduced ourselves, and chose a word to say. As per the above subject:

“I am Nevyn, and my word is kindness”.

Both because I am so grateful for all the kindness I have received, but also because I have been “accused” of such myself… also because the world needs more of it overall… but also because in some pockets, such is abundant. Because kindness is so very important.

I was then blessed with being able to sleep in the yoga gazebo, where I slept with 2 black cats cuddled up to me all night. Where I was awakened in the morning by the sounds of jungle life all around me. Where I could stare off the edge of the world, or so it seemed. I awoke early, so walked around in the wee hours, soaking it all in (the air there is MAGNIFICENT! so sweet, and clean and pure)… and as others arose we feasted on a VITAMIX (hey mom, yep, Vitamix is EVERYWHERE) made concoction of green goop made from vegetables and fruits of the delectable variety.

And now to figure out where I will go today.

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1 Response to I am Nevyn, and my word is Kindness.

  1. zoarlutheranchurch says:

    Glad you had a good day. Surprised to hear your voice on the phone tonight. It was good to hear the smile in that voice. Jewell says she misses you… We all miss you and enjoy your stories.. Take care. Love, dad

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