Island Fever. Nevyn goes to Maui

How many of us have not dreamt of ditching most material possessions and heading off to Hawaii/some tropical place to live more simply?

I feel pretty sure the number is fairly high, when talking of those who simply dream of such, but most folks keep it in dreamland.

I went to Kaua’i some years ago, and while I’d always had those dreams, I then knew I wanted to know island living as more than just a vacation.  When I returned to the islands for a Maui vacation a couple years later, I realized the only time to begin is now.  Unfortunately, I was married and while my wife at the time said she also wanted such, it seems to her it was more a dream that would never happen, and so plans were not able to materialize.  Fast forward a couple of years later, I’m no longer married, and I’m now writing you from Maui.  I plan to find a farm to work/live on in the not too distant future.

I hail from Oregon, specifically, 60 acres of forest and farm in Oregon, though I’d lived the city life in Portland and Seattle for the last 15 years.  I love Oregon, and I don’t plan on severing my ties to that land, but for now, this is where I need to be.  Ideally I will set things up so that I can eventually return to Oregon, to work the farm I grew up on, and escape the grey bleak winters to live island life part time.

I came to Maui with very little.  A backpack stuffed full of things I’ll need in various situations, a laptop and some electronic gizmos, and a smattering of survival/camping gear.  While I have some money, it is very very little.  I get a hostel for these first couple of days, but between now and when I find a farm to work on, I’ll be wandering and camping.

This is day 2 of being in Maui, and adventures are already being had… I will now go and catch up what happened with day 1.

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