Getting there. Arriving. Day 0/Day 1

Ok, I’m here, and finally getting a chance to breathe. What a interesting time it’s been. Not quite smooth sailing, but it’s feeling good still.

While walking around SF, the strap on the laptop bag broke, and the bag fell to the ground, I tied the strap and continued on. As I walked onto the bus to take me from SF to Oakland, I politely began to ask a question about where the bus was going (at4 in the morning). It was immediately taken as if I was looking for a free ride. Guess carrying multiple bags in the rain at 4 in the morning, with a rain slicker draped over it all made me look homeless. Then for some reason the bus decided to go all through Oakland before getting to the airport. But hey, no worries, I left hours to get the airport. Smooth sailing after that point… UNTIL

The plane sat on the runway for an hour/hour and half, and the reason was that they had loaded too many bags on the plane, apparently. What? Okeeee. There was a shrill screaming baby sitting in front of me, hitting a frequency that was just splitting my ears, like painfully; thank goodness for earplugs. Some sleep ensued, and THEN

Got to Maui, only to find that the buses won’t let you on if you have A) more than two bags and B) a bigass backpack like mine. Some kindly folks were going to walk on with my extra bags, but due to the bigass backpack, I was denied. So I had to cab it (sad cha ching of money flowing out the pocket). Then I ask the driver to take me to a hostel in Kahului, but he says “nothing there, we go to Wailuku, which costs twice as much. At this point, I’m starting to get a bit dishearted. BUT, when I attempt to pay my fare and give a tip as is the norm, he hands the tip back. So okay, he didn’t really know hostels (I’m finding no Hawaiians do, even ones on the same block as one), but still a good guy. He drops me at Banana Bungalow (If you’ve never been, they are kind of like the Green Tortoise; I’ve stayed at another in San Diego).

So I go in, as I need some time to find cheap public storage that I can utilize to not have to carry freaking everything around all the time, just the things I need. I am then informed that without a return ticket, and with a US ID, I cannot stay there. I’m then told that all the hostels will say the same thing.


I’m feeling quite disheartened at this point, as I am hot, sweaty and tired. But I don’t let myself get frustrated, and I converse with them to try to find out what to do. I’m pointed to one hostel nearby that MIGHT not have that restriction, so I go. They will take me, but only have solo rooms at 69$ a night. Can’t afford that. The guy was really helpful all around. I even asked for a glass of water and was given an ice cold water bottle for the road, and directions to their other location a mile/mile and half away, that should have bunks. So I walk.

As I walk down the hill, a woman is riding her bike by on the other side of the road. She randomly asks me if I would like some key lime pie. Why not? I’m hungry. So I get a slice of that and a sandwich given to me, and she tried to give me more but I couldn’t carry more. Not really sure why that happened, as it looked like she had just gone to the store, and then randomly was giving some random pale guy what she just got. Is it me looking homeless again? Skinny? Dunno, but that random act of kindness helped to buck my spirits up.

Eventually I find the hostel and, though the price hurts to pay, I need a central point for a couple days while I situate. While unpacking things, I find that the hard drive cover on the side of my computer broke (well, first I find my computer won’t boot, then I see that). Took the drive out, put it back in, scotch taped it up and yay it still works! I was about to kick myself in the butt for not getting that solid state drive as I wanted to…

Found a great deal on a locker (later edit: thought it was a great deal, but apparently even when you ask for all costs associated, over the phone, they don’t tell you everything), so I can have city things while in the city but not outdoor, and outdoor things but not much city stuff while in nature, and so forth. Feeling much better now, as I really need to just be carrying around one bag for the moment, but I did still need to bring everything I brought, as I will need it all at various points.

So… it’s been a long day. I had a couple moments of internal panic, but didn’t let them grab me. I’ve actually talked with a surprising amount of folks (for me) and have found everyone very helpful and nice. This is what an adventure is… good and bad, all for the sake of. But with the ultimate being YUM GOOD!

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